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    Ventilation ducts are a type of municipal infrastructure designed to facilitate air circulation and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. The plates, profiles, and other main finished materials used for the production and installation of ventilation ducts and air ducts should comply with the design and relevant product standards, and apply factory inspection certificates. The materials should be inspected and accepted according to relevant standards when entering the site.


    Ventilation ducts are classified by material: steel plate ducts, galvanized sheet ducts, stainless steel ducts, fiberglass ducts, plastic ducts, composite material ducts, color steel sandwich insulation board ducts, double-sided aluminum foil insulation ducts, single-sided color steel insulation ducts, coated fabric ducts, mining plastic ducts, etc.


    According to ventilation methods, air ducts can be divided into the following types:



    1. Air duct ventilation: The equipment is simple, flexible and convenient, and easy to disassemble. However, due to the small cross-section, as the pipeline lengthens, the ventilation resistance will increase.


    2. Tunnel ventilation: suitable for long tunnels with parallel tunnels, characterized by forming a circulating air flow system between the main tunnel and parallel tunnels through the front horizontal channel. A ventilation fan is installed near the entrance of the horizontal tunnel to extract polluted air from the horizontal tunnel, and fresh air flows in from the main tunnel, forming a circulating air flow.


    3. Wind wall ventilation: Utilizing the space formed by the tunnel, a brick or wooden board is used to separate an air duct instead of a large-diameter air duct, in order to shorten the length of the air duct and increase the air supply to meet ventilation requirements. This method is suitable for situations where there is no parallel guide pit available for use, and pipeline ventilation is difficult to fully solve.

    以上就是有關:濟南通風管道 的介紹,想了解更多的內容請點擊:http://www.xinshiling.com 我們將會全心全意為您提供滿分服務,歡迎您的來電!

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